Friday, October 13, 2006

my wife go abroad

that tigress wife of mine went abroad lo.!!!

Monday, May 29, 2006 " jiao tai...."

I'm unluckyone living in this world....a lot a lot things can be solved if you have.....$$$$
In real life is very tough fighting to Singapore.I just like a slave at home being a master.
I got 2 pets name Ta Bao & Er Bao, being a slave really had a hard life do everythings when things broken... being a human sometimes is worst then 'beast', as far as you had a breathe No matter the way you walk,you sleep, you eat and you are really very sick , the moment you did wrong anythings or said wrong any thing... you 're be beaten up be it hanger(for hang shirt 1), cane some bamboo stick or chair very hard life.....But upon you got $$$ treat you like a 'Queen' the moment your $$$ used up all sort of unhappy thing will come. I worked 2 type of works and sometimes weekend work part-time just to fullfill my pocket requirement, even knew that I 'm empty pocket still ask my Pets to ask $$ from me, really in life I had to give the $$ to my pets but left a bit for me to take MRT to & fro home and work place... I sometime just cannot afford to have my proper 3 meals skip meal because of No $$$ to eat drink tap water can already...As day passes day whenever I step in my house have to think of "jiao tai..." very very tough topic, cost No matter what I written down the "Jiao Tai" ended up "boey song"n not accepted....It always peace me up, my mind thinking "Jiao Tai" is for people living in this world fighting for last breathe then have this type of thinking...I cycled to work every night at after 2200hrs, it will be nice when I being knock down by bus, lorry or car and die on the spot... I have been praying very hard for this thing to happen for me must die on the spot cannot being carry to hospital...Everyday wwke up 0630hrs and work parttime till 0030hrs, you guess how long I sleep per day....